CFA Board of TrusteesOur Board

Our Board is made up of hard-working volunteers who pool their talents together to make the arts an integral part of our community experience. Founded in 1987 and formerly known as the Carlsbad Arts Associates, The Friends remain committed to their original mission: to promote and support the programs and activities of the City of Carlsbad’s Cultural Arts Office. 


 Name  Board Position
 Brenda Beckett  President, TGIF Co-Chair
 Aaron Alter  1st Vice President
 Donna Beyer  2nd Vice President, Secretary & TGIF Co-Chair
 Amanda Ecoff  Board Member & Director of Development
 Joanne Hackett  Treasurer
 Roslyn Simmons  Board Member
 Liz Lichtenberger  Board Member, Communications Chair

Become a Board Member

Ready for some real excitement in your life? (Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a little.) But the Friends of the Arts is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization and as such, has a Board of Directors that oversees its activities.


The Friends are always looking for community members to increase their involvement by joining the Board. It’s a “working” Board, so there is some commitment – but we have a lot of fun too! After all, it’s the arts. We bring good things to peoples’ lives!


Contact us to find out about joining our Board!